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SORA L1 testnet: Quantum and AI Resistance usage

* SORA - L1 blockchain Wallet Introduction [v3.67.14 only testnet]
* Acquisition of "Quantum and AI resistance address"
* Receiving SORA for Testnet

1, Download the SORA L1 Quantum and AI Resistant testnet-specific Windows wallet from below.

Supported: Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7:

2, Start it as is. Since it's a testnet-specific version, it will start in testnet.

3, Everything necessary will be auto-generated. Just wait for the launch to complete. Wait for the blockchain synchronization to complete. There's no need for -addnode since DNS is embedded.

4, Obtain an address starting with "soratest1" that is Quantum and AI resistance Address. In the address generation dialog, there is a checkbox labeled "Quantum and AI Resistance Address (Bech32 sora...)" just check it and generate the address.

5, Receive coins at that address. You can easily obtain SORA for testnet using the request form below. Afterwards, you can mix it with the usual addresses (those starting with 2, since it's testnet) and use it as normal.

Address: bech32(Quantum and AI resistance) or base58(ECDSA)

* All balances send to Quantum and AI resistance amount

When you receive coins with ECDSA, they are managed by ECDSA. Therefore, as shown in the image below, it is common for the balances of ECDSA and Quantum and AI resistance to be mixed.
(ECDSA 152.13, Quantum and AI resistance 189.9136)

Just check the checkbox(All balances send to Quantum and AI resistance amount) in 'Send coins' and click the 'Send' button. It will automatically calculate and issue a transaction that ties the entire balance to a "Quantum and AI resistance Address".

In this way, the entire balance will be transferred to a "Quantum and AI resistance Address". The balance of ECDSA becomes zero, and the entire balance has been transferred to Quantum and AI resistance.
(ECDSA 0, Quantum and AI resistance 341.6536, ** Fee 0.39 **)

* If you encounter the error "Error: HD Wallet locked," ...

If you encounter the error "Error: HD Wallet locked," please unlock your wallet in staking mode via "Setting -> Wallet security -> Unlock wallet for mining" in the menu.

In short, it's easy to use. You simply have more bech32 format addresses starting with "soratest1".